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Monster Magnet - Last Patrol (2013) & Bonustracks (by Lenny Crow)

Djembe rhythms and grooves part 1 - Kuku, Kono, Yankady, Rumba etc (by multipercussion2010)

I’m relearning Djembe, can’t believe how much I forgot in 3 years.

Vikings - Season 2 Trailer (HD) (by Doktor Trax)

Vikings Theme song - If I had a heart by Fever Ray (HD) (by Doktor Trax)

”Do It For The Band: The Women Of The Sunset Strip” (by Camila Fernanda)

Jonny LANG - A quitter never wins - Live in Paris @TheNewMorning - 10.10.1997 (BEST VIDEO EVER) (by Romain Marengo)

The Black Keys - Worst Jobs [Interview] (by The Black Keys)

Flipside Rest In Peace Original Song 11-22-13 P-House (by Gina Jordan)

Still loving the hell out of this song!

Who The F@*k Is Jonny Jack?! (by jonnyjackmusic)

VH1’s Let’s Spend The Night Together (by Nina de Koning)

Sex, drugs & Mötley Crüe (groupies…) (by Bjørn Brenne)

My blog post with all the info on the live show I filmed last Friday.

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan Zeitgeist (HD) (by kwstas karvis)

The Chosen Pessimist, IN FLAMES (by Rafael CM)

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