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Can’t sleep despite many meds,  trying one more & then if that don’t work, am giving up & making coffee :-/
I’m climbing a mountain today to do some photography but nothing like this, no lakes on top of Panther Mountain.

My dinner after the bike show tonight

The Judge - Official Trailer [HD]

Innocent people can’t afford me, he says. Gotta see this!

Images I took today on top of Panther Mountain in Chestertown NY. Using my galaxy note 3.

Boyhood - International Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD

This. Looks. AWEsome!

Jericho - Eric M Combs

One of my older hard rock faves, just refound on youtube :)

I’m Back by Cloudrive

New song from an old fave :)

Static-X - The Only (Video)

Waking Life Official Trailer

Omnia - Pagan Folk Lore (Full Concert)

Mari Boine - Idjagiedas / In the Hand of the Night (Oslo Opera House, 2009)

Fantastic Norway tribal music & drumming I LOVE!

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